Brad Hagkull is a fairly new Intermediate Elementary teacher in Chilliwack, British Columbia and part of a pretty amazing family.  This former Youth Pastor for many moons has gone into “private practice” and just finished up a gig teaching adults in BC’s only Federal Maximum Security Institution. That’s where the ‘From God’s House to the Big House‘ tag came from. If you’re clever, you may have already put that one together. His other job involves following his kids around the house and turning off lights.

Brad’s also a hockey goalie, a former varsity football kicker and an avid accordian player. He’s been known to perform large-stage illusion tricks with other members of the “Brothers From Different Mothers”, preach sermons, invent cool math games and clean the garage. Quite a nice mix really. When he was in his mid-twenties, he once bartered the running shoes he was wearing for a black market, authentic, game-worn CCCP hockey jersey on the streets of Moscow. On another trip, this time in the Philippines, he had the incredible privilege of hearing the words, “Pastor Brad, you don’t understand. This man has traveled from a far away island and never before spoken to a white man. You will be his first.

Brad is happily married to a girl that sat in front of him in English 100 and they have two exceptionally well-behaved boys, 13 and 14. But those aren’t their real names. Read more about us and our illustrious journey on the Team Hagkull and Family pages.


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