51 Qualities I Admire About the Teachers Around Me

20 06 2011

There are many Teachers-On-Call who are itching to get their own class and to solidify relationships with the same group of students throughout the year. While it’s no secret that I fall into this category, I have thoroughly enjoyed going to a new environment each day. The novelty certainly has not worn off yet.

While many of my reflections have focused on what I’m learning from the kids, it struck me that I’ve really appreciated the conversations I have with new staff members each day. I can say with confidence that there are some phenomenal teachers that I’ve met up with, ones who give up their lunch hours and valuable after school time each day to talk with me – the new face in the room. I’ve been mentally compiling a list of qualities I admire about the teachers around me and although the following list is incomplete, it will continue to grow. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far.

A love for learning, * a zest for life * compassion * buckets of patience * gentleness * kindness * self-control * restraint * assertiveness * good eye contact * a contagious laugh * appropriate silliness * professionalism * composure * a command of the material * enthusiasm * a belief in others * a “you can do it” attitude * solid classroom management skills * coaching and mentoring skills * firm convictions * a cooperative spirit * steadfastness * generosity * tact * an attitude of risk-taking * an emotional even keel * humility * organization * the ability to be concise * the ability to have a conversation and draw information out of others rather than talk about themselves * cheerfulness * a team player * appropriate silliness * someone who is reflective * being positive * appreciative * willing to serve * knowledgeable * someone who can communicate clearly * relevance * shows insightful * an awareness of what’s going on in the world * transparency * a willingness to admit when they are wrong * being a good listener * a teacher with clear goals and achievable expectations * a willingness to learn from mistakes * a thankful heart * A desire to learn from those around them * an ability to draw information out of others rather than spend time talking about themselves * lotsa smiles

(which ones did I miss?)