The hardest part of the Christmas gift exchange

23 11 2010

Most staff parties have them. You know, the Christmas gift exchange. Most often, someone will put all the names in a hat, you draw out the name of a coworker and you then become their “Secret Santa”.  And there’s rules! Sometimes the gifts must have a maximum amount, (“It’s the thought that counts, not the dollar amount“) and other times they are of the White Elephant variety (“We have so much already. Why should we go out and purchase more stuff that we really didn’t ask for in the first place?).

It’s fun. It’s light-hearted. It provides substance to an evening of laughter. Life is serious enough, right?

I’m not a Scrooge when it comes to these evenings, since I appreciate social times outside of the work atmosphere. But for me, the hardest part of the Christmas gift exchange can be summed up in the poster below:

I’m lamenting the fact that the symbols of Christmas have become the tree and the Visa bill. This year, I’m going to try to jump off the treadmill of gift expectations and instead to wave the banner of simplicity. Am I cheap? maybe, but in my mind this is a step in the right direction.




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